The Vikings Rhapsody

The Vikings Rhapsody

The Viking Rhapsody: New Music from the Eagle’s Nest

By Laura Kincaid

A steady techno rhythm with a strong bass comes from the keyboard. The thrum of an electric guitar slides in. You are transported to a dark night illuminated with neon city lights, maybe driving down a highway or walking into a smoky club. The guitar riff continues, dancing up and down the scale before drifting back to a mellow sound.  

 “The Viking Rhapsody” is a keyboard and guitar duet with rock, blues, and techno influences. The song has become the most viewed video on the Multicultural Arts Exchange Youtube channel with over 1,500 hits and counting. It was written by the Multicultural Arts Exchange’s Resident Sound Designer Vladimir Atamanenko. Vladimir is known on stage as Kaptain AtAmAn. In the video, he performs “The Viking Rhapsody” with his musical collaborator Ray Mann X, a well-known guitarist in Philadelphia and Bucks County. While Kaptain composed the original music, the two worked closely together. “Ray Mann X professionally arranges my music to the guitar,” Kaptain says. “His guitar sound is very specific and techno-influenced.” 

 Together they are the founders of The House of Arising Music, a creative musical group of many different bands, composers, singers, and songwriters. The House of Arising Music Team is based out of the Eagle’s Nest Art Studio in Southampton, Pennsylvania. The studio is a 200-year-old farmhouse on Kaptain’s property, which he renovated himself. The rustic space is outfitted with custom sound equipment, performance space, and even a lofted seating area for those watching the practice sessions.

It is a place for musicians, like those of the Multicultural Arts Exchange and The House of Arising Music, to collaborate and create together. This is where Kaptain and Ray composed and recorded “The Viking Rhapsody,” and will pursue the project further.

to be conintued...