This And That About The History Surrounding 7 And 8 String Guitars

This And That About The History Surrounding 7 And 8 String Guitars

The first seven-string guitar to become mass produced was the Ibanez UV7. It was designed as a signature model for Steve Vai. People such as Rob Beach, Korn, and John Petrucci also used the unit. The musicians were drawn to the extended range that the instrument offered. At first, these seven-string models came with a high A, but it was prone to breaking. So, it got replaced with a low B. Curious Philadelphia, PA residents should read on to learn more.

Mr. Vai toured with Whitesnake using a prototype. Then, in 1990, he used the seven-string guitars in his release of Passion and Warfare. However, these units were around long before this period. In the early 19th century, the Russian Guitar was built. It is also regularly called the gypsy guitar. This acoustic guitar was initially tuned to G, but other tunings are also available. Professionals and amateurs alike have made it their instrument of choice.

Seven-String Electric Guitars

In the late 1930s, Epiphone Guitars made a seven-string guitar for the jazz guitarist George Van Eps. The company also built him a signature Gretsch seven-string in the late 60s and early 70s. The Van Eps models are known as the first regularly produced seven-string electric guitars. They featured either the hollow or semi-hollow archtop style. Also, the units came equipped with a central block with resonant chambers on the sides or a central resonating chamber. Philadelphia, PA readers shouldn't go away just yet as there is still more to learn.

More Info About The Seven-String Guitar

A seven-string guitar can be played alone, but it works nicely in a band setting too. It is an excellent choice for a wide range of musical styles including but not limited to...

  • Heavy Metal
  • Jazz
  • Progressive Rock
  • Classical

In other words, regardless of what a Philadelphia, PA player's intentions are, a seven-string guitar might be right up their alley. The instruments were once thought of as only being for technical guitar players. However, that notion quickly changed. So, it can prove to be a good selection for both beginning and professional musicians.

Some Ins And Outs Of The Eight-String Guitar's History

Eight-string guitars are not quite as common as the ones with six or seven strings. These devices are the standard when it comes to pedal steel and lap steel guitars though. However, due to changing subcultures and subgenres, the instruments are becoming more popular. In the 1940s, eight-string guitars were typically tuned to the E9 or C6 chords. Why? Well, the musicians that used them usually played either jazz or Nashville style music, and those chords allowed for a broader range and non-standard tunings. 

A lot of people feel as if the eight-string guitar has a design issue. Many musicians face tuning stability difficulties with the lower strings. In some cases, this is due to the neck being too short. Meanwhile, others feel like the unit has bridge problems like improper intonation, wrong string gauges, or uneven spaces for floating bridges. Still, modern bands are using eight-string guitars to get a fuller sound. Today's players will want to keep these things in mind before deciding which instrument is right for them though.

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