Jazz As A Form Of Art And Performance

Jazz As A Form Of Art And Performance

The performing arts in Philadelphia encompass people using different art forms to express themselves, whether it is through their voices, bodies, or inanimate objects. If you are someone who excels in singing, dancing, and acting, then you are considered a triple threat in the art performance world. 

Today, we will focus on jazz music as an art and discuss its power as it makes its way to art performance venues.

The History of Jazz Music

Jazz music originated in the United States within African-American communities in New Orleans, LA. It is a musical form that is often improvisational, and in the 1920s became recognized as a major form of musical expression. It’s characterized by the blues and swing music. 

Jazz Creativity 

Jazz is a creative flow of sound that is reinvented by each instrument. It is improvisation, which is key to creativity. Being able to improvise at the drop of a hat boosts creativity in the brain. Learn more about how jazz boosts creativity, and the study done by researchers.

Health Benefits of Jazz Music

Not only does jazz music boost creativity in the brain, it can also improve your health. Slow jazz has both a soothing and calming effect on the body. Benefits of this state can include reduced blood pressure, improved memory, mind relaxation, and better sleep. 

Different Forms of Jazz

Jazz covers a broad selection of music, thus has an entire musical genre within itself. From ragtime, smooth jazz, bebop, and more. The jazz genre changes over time with each performer’s spin on the sound.

Jazz Fitness Benefits

Although jazz music is the focus, the music leads to an energetic style of dance for all to enjoy. Dancing to jazz music can help you build muscle strength, increase concentration levels, improve flexibility, and more. Jazz dancing, like the musical genre, has many forms. It is a fun and energetic form of exercise and a good time. 

The Role Of Culture

Many people have their own preferences when it comes to jazz music they listen to. However, each culture can agree on one thing: jazz music is an integral part of life and how we express ourselves as human beings. When this art form is appreciated, it is easier to unite cultures and people who may think they are different from others. 

If you are interested in learning more about the song and multicultural arts, reach out to the Multicultural Arts Exchange in Philadelphia, PA to discover exciting events happening in your area. We promote various genres and people of various cultural backgrounds and create an atmosphere that everyone will feel comfortable and engaged in.