When Muses are Talking The World is Quiet Part 3

When Muses are Talking The World is Quiet Part 3

When Muses Speak Part 3: Now is the Time to Support the Arts

By Laura Kincaid


Everyone has a Muse—the unseen ripples of our words, movement, and Art that drift into the world and grow into waves. When asked, the artists of the Multicultural Arts Exchange pondered what their Muse has to say:


“My Muse would be a storyteller,” Michael Shingo Crawford explains. “Much of my music is inspired by narratives relating to other art forms like literature, film, and dance. Perhaps this Muse would speak of the narrative ideas behind my music.”


"Let's all think critically. let's all get in touch with what we're feeling,” Tatyana Kalko says her Muse urges. “Support each other. Find out what other people need and try to support that. Don't care what people think."


“The world around us is beautiful, and it's our job to amplify that,” Asya Zlatina imagines her Muse proclaiming, “but it could only be achieved when the intentions of the heart are good and inner peace is paramount.”


These are but a few of the musicians, dancers, writers, and artists letting their Muses speak out. Each pushes their voice as far as they can go, but we can help them reach farther. I asked Zlatina, Crawford, and Kalko, “How can people support the arts?” All of them agreed the best thing people can do is participate in and share the Art they love.


If there is an artist or musician you believe in, share their videos and events, sign up for their newsletter, or tell your friends. For those who can afford it, attend online concerts, or donate to an artist directly through services like Patreon. You can donate to larger organizations, like COVID-19 Arts Aid PHL, that provide grants. However, supporting local organizations, small businesses, or individual artists directly guarantees your donation is going where it’s needed. Giving directly also allows you to donate to the groups that may not have the time or knowledge to apply for many grants.


“In these worst of times, that's when the greatest Art is going to be born. It's the time that people as humans need it the most,” Asya says. “The grief that you feel for a loved one when they die of the coronavirus or get diagnosed with the coronavirus, the grief that you feel when you look at the black community, in relationship to what's going on—those are not things that people have words for. And we're trying to find words for all of these things, but if you just focus on Art, it's going to speak much louder than anything.”


The Muses are speaking. Their words help lift spirits, help process the indescribable, help us understand each other, and help change our world. Ask yourself, “who am I helping speak louder?”


To support the artists and organizations featured in this essay, click the links throughout or check out the information below.


Discover Michael Shingo Crawford’s music at www.michaelshingocrawford.com and on his YouTube channel.

Listen to Tatyana Kalko’s music at www.kalkomusic.com or support her COJECO project, “Every Life is A Song.”

Learn about Asya Zlatina’s classes and charity work at www.artist-house.org and watch their piece “Carry on.”  

Donate to the COVID-19 Arts Aid PHL here.

Find out about Multicultural Arts Exchange’s events and work at www.maephila.com, on Facebook @maephila, Instagram @maephila, and their YouTube channel.