Vikings Rhapsody Continued: Three Music Inspired Poems

Vikings Rhapsody Continued: Three Music Inspired Poems

Vikings Rhapsody Continued: Three Music Inspired Poems
By Laura Kincaid

As any artist will tell you, sharing work is often the most rewarding but terrifying part of being a creator. Kaptain AtAmAn and Ray Mann X, founders of the collaborative music group The House Of Arising Music, have decided to run at this challenging aspect head-on. 

The pair began a music vlog on YouTube in January. You might remember the keyboard and guitar duo from our previous blog “The Vikings Rhapsody.” Since then, they’ve shared over 30 videos of “creative moments,” as Ray Mann X describes. Each video features highlights of music from their jam sessions. Viewers experience the birth and development of songs alongside the artists. Plus, it’s fun music to listen to, including jazz, blues, techno, and rock.  

When artists like Kaptain AtAmAn and Ray Mann X share their work like this, it creates a space where other artists can join the conversational jam session. I took a listen to their music and felt inspired to share my own “creative moments.” Here are three poems inspired by Kaptain AtAmAn and Ray Mann X’s music. 

With its Wings, the Wind is Asking Where I’m Going
Inspired by “...With its wings, the wind is asking where I'm going.....

Outside the glass, there is no air, 
only black. 

Yet inside my skin I hear a song. 
Solar winds whistle in my ears,
supernovas beat in my ribcage,
and nebulas rage under my skull
like hurricanes in technicolor,
In my eyes, the Milky Way spreads its wings
and I—less than a single atom—
drown in starlight and dust. 

I turn on the old radio,
static crackles. Then—
a guitar riff thrums and drums pound,
dissonance resolving into harmonies.
I set course, plunge into the black,
and dance along with the cosmos. 

The Vikings Rhapsody
Inspired by "Viking Rhapsody again..."

Their car slips through pools of orange light; the wind whips her hair into a storm. They are time travelers sailing down the highway faster than the speed of light. She sees the past and future in the cityscape, neon lights and bright stars leaving trails in the night, weaving possibilities. Rings and vows and realms under their feet. Brief reigns and shattered bonds. There have always been Two, Frigg and her Odin, Odin and his Frigg. They’ve had different names and skins and stories, but they always collide. 

Before destiny, they are young, weightless, hungry. Frigg’s gaze found him through the smoke and strobing lights. One burning eye stared back. They danced in rhythm with their hearts and ancient drums. He spoke poetry to her, smooth as his whiskey. Beneath closed eyelids, she listened to the question she yet to ask. “What do you seek?” He would look to the stage where guitars sang battle cries. “To be king.” So she held her tongue. Tomorrow she will learn which story waits for her.

Tonight, she grabs the back of his neck as they race against lights and stars—lips meet. This Frigg forgets what comes next. She wishes for time to stop and live in the explosive collision of a kiss.

To the Sea
Inspired by “June 5, 2020

Shanties from distant shores
roll in on the waves—
warm fires and gold gilded tales. 
“Cruel Mistress” implies love
in some measure. He looked
upon her glitter and believed.

She shimmers still, a trick of the light;  
her blue, cold as it is vast, consumes 
all his horizons on this sandy grave. 
The gulls cry to mock him,
they too leave. 

Yet, she remains.

He plucks a conch from the sand 
and sings his lover one last song 
before he walks into her arms.

More work by The House Of Arising Music can be found on Kaptain AtAmAn’s YouTube Channel.

Find out more about the Multicultural Arts Exchange on their social media.