Profile: Kaptain Ataman

Profile: Kaptain Ataman

Kaptain Ataman is a 74-year-old youtube creator who showcases his self-written, produced and performed compositions. When I was first asked to review his music, I wasn’t really sure what to expect,but let me tell you, it was quite an experience!

The first video I listened to was “...With it's wings,the wind is asking where I'm going....” with his partner Ray Mann X in their group, The House of Arising Music. Something I really enjoyed from the moment I first listened to him was the simplicity of the instruments, yet intricacy in the details. In the video you see Kaptain Ataman on a stacked keyboard, and Ray Mann X on guitar.

A simple beat is created with the keyboard, while a guitar solo is played over it. As the song continues, more effects are added by Kaptain Ataman, adding in synthesizers and choral sound effects that pair with the notes on the guitar to make it sound like a group singing. Ray Mann X adds his own touches using the whammy bar attached to his guitar. It was really cool to see how two instruments could fill up a piece so much.

Kaptain Ataman experiments a lot with his music, dipping into different genres such as rock, blues, jazz and even electronic. He also utilizes tones, stylistic ornamentation, and uses voice and instrumental effects on his Russian, English and purely instrumental works.

Not only does Kaptain Ataman write music, but poetry as well! He has many videos reciting his poetry while accompanying it with the guitar or piano!

Adding these musical elements adds much more depth to his writing, and crates a story for the listener. I feel as though Kaptain Ataman broke so many barriers by being so well-rounded with this music, and poetry, that other artists wanted to join in on the fun! Kaptain Ataman includes many guests on his channel, each bringing a different style and unique sound to enhance his productions.