Launch of Inter-Artists Exchange!

Launch of Inter-Artists Exchange!

Welcome to the Inter-Artists Exchange, an arts & culture publication from the Multicultural Arts Exchange

Artists, and all people, grow through sharing. At the Multicultural Arts Exchange we present, promote, and produce cultural performing arts programming from unique people. We hope that by sharing in the arts, from international performances to local Philly artists, we can all learn something new. 

The Inter-Artist Exchange seeks to expand this mission by helping artists and art-lovers share with each other. Each issue we will bring you new unique events, from across genres; insider looks into the artist’s creative process; and helpful resources for creators.    

This month we have for you the virtual dance show #Quarantineksvkhvkhkdvha, a Philly Fringe Festival performance completely created during the quarantine. You can get to know Artist House / Asya Zlatina + Dancers in an interview with Mikhail Zorich about their unusual creative process in their previous show Maybe Even Higher. In music, violinist Micheal Shingo Crawford pushes the boundaries of violin music with his cover from the popular anime Hunter x Hunter. And finally, theater artists of all kinds can hang out at PDC Playwrights' Happy Hour.

We hope you discover something new!

Fringe Fest Dance Goes Virtual

FRINGE FEST #Quarantineksvkhvkhkdvhai is a dance production centered on and created in our “new normal” COVID 19 from Artist House / Asya Zlatina + Dancers. Ticket purchase gives you access to this unique virtual experience made while in quarantine, a photo gallery, film shorts, and a live Zoom session with the director.


Experience Anime & Film on the Violin!

In television and film, the music can move us more than the story.  Michael Shingo Crawford gives the music we love new life! A Philadelphian violinist, Michael performs covers of film and anime music on YouTube, expanding what viewers consider “violin music.”


Workshopping & Drinking for Philly Theater Creators

Have a play in development? Want to share a drink with fellow theater creators? PDC Playwrights' Happy Hour is a bi-monthly social and workshopping group for playwrights, actors, directors, and dramaturgs run by the Philadelphia Dramatists Center. The PDC Happy Hour program reads and discusses three works-in-progress plays each meeting. Next meeting is September 28th from7 pm-9 on a Zoom call. 


How Performers Turned Children’s Artwork into Dance

“Aysa came in with a bunch of drawings. She didn’t tell us what they were from. She wanted us to interpret them on our own.” Dancers discuss their unusual and collaborative process for “Maybe Even Higher” a performance inspired by the artwork of children imprisoned in the Terezin concentration camp during the Holocaust.


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