Several Reasons Why People Should Head To The Opera

Several Reasons Why People Should Head To The Opera

Opera is not merely an activity for high-class, wealthy Philadelphia citizens to enjoy. Rather, these shows have a little something for everyone. It does not matter whether a person loves music, storytelling, or visual artistry. He or she is sure to have a great experience. So, don't discredit the enticing event before you give it a shot. Get your tickets today and discover what all opera has to offer for yourself.

Those Philadelphia residents that are still not convinced should stick around. This post is going to cover some exceptional reasons why going to the opera could prove to be perfect for them. Of course, the music is the obvious purpose as the sounds are sure to delight, but there are other rationales for attending a show too. Hence, don't go away if your interest is peaked. Read on to learn why you should broaden your horizons via the opera.

Comedies And Dramas Are Not Only Found On TV

Classic stories are found on an opera stage. However, they are not outdated. Alternatively, pieces such as Shakespeare's tragedies or Mozart's comedies relate to modern audiences just as they did when they first premiered. The tales regularly have characters lying, crying, getting married, or dying. In other words, people don't have to sit around binge-watching Netflix or Hulu to get their drama and comedy fixes. Nor do they have to flip through what feels like a million channels on satellite or cable. Instead, they can watch a live performance for their entertainment needs.

The Costumes Are Incredibly Stunning

(( citizens might want to take in a show for the beautiful, theatrical costumes. Dazzling gowns, charming suits, strangely-styled wigs, and glitzy makeup are all part of the equation. Whether your seats are front row center, or in the nosebleed section, you will be able to notice the ensembles. A person doesn't have to be a fashion aficionado to appreciate them either. So, if you enjoy looking at stunning outfits that mesh well together, there is no place better to be than the opera.

Don't Forget About The Sets

There is singing, dancing, and acting at the opera, but most of those things would be rather bland without gorgeous scenery. Therefore, design teams take the time to get everything just right. For instance, if the scene is dark and gloomy, the stage will match. Then again, when the episode is a happy occasion, the stage will reflect that. It doesn't matter whether the function is at an actual opera house, warehouse, museum, or somewhere else; the landscape will transport you to another time and place.

On a final note, the opera's storyline can keep a person's emotions running high for days. The singing, music, and acting is divine. It can move every member of the audience by displaying deep love, rage, joy, or crushing loss. The possibilities are endless as to what you might feel. However, it is a good idea to bring a box of tissues in case tears begin to flow. 

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