Lena Shtefan

Lena Shtefan

Let internationally famed singer #LenaShtefan take you on a musical tour through the countries and genres. At Lena’s Show and Dinner, you will hear classical arias, Ukrainian folk, and original songs. Lena’s pitch-perfect covers of her pop music idol #WhitneyHouston earned her a passionate nickname Ukrainian Whitney by numerous fans back home. 

A gifted vocalist, #LenaShtefan brings her passionate and rich voice across genres, from opera to pop to folk. 

#Lena began studying in #Kiev #Conservatory at the tender age of14 in #opera class and eventually became a favorite student of famous coloratura #soprano Evgenia Miroshnichenko.  One faithful day Lena came across the recording of Whitney Houston and was so enamored by this most Grammy-nominated singer that she decided to become a pop singer.  Her teacher was outraged at first but Lena perceiver and finally received a reluctant blessing from beloved Evgenia Semionovna.  

Upon graduation her creative career made another twist and Lena became a soloist for the world-famous #Ukrainian choir, “Veryovka.” and performed with them for six years. 

Finally, Lena launched her very successful pop career with a hit Ukrainian album “Love and Deceit” (2012) and Whitney Houston Tribute Tour (2013).  Kiev Maidan 2015 interrupted her ascend to the stardom and forced to move to the United States, where she is working hard now to re-launch her career. 

Multicultural Arts Exchange started to work with #LenaShtefan, who now lives in Philadelphia, about half a year ago and we will present the first results of this work on October 19 in the Melody Restaurant. Full banquet will be served.


This will not be the usual "Russian restaurant" event that many people we know love to hate. We have developed a close partnership with the restaurant's owner to create a new and upscale experience for people who want to enjoy great food and a classy show close to home.


Those of you who attended the #Opera Cake and Producer’s Birthday events experienced dress rehearsals of this experience. On October 19 we are going live.

Do not miss!

Individual and group tickets are available at www.maephila.org.