8 Of The Best Folk Bands Touring Today

8 Of The Best Folk Bands Touring Today

Folk music doesn’t get the radio play or exposure that pop, rap, and rock bands get.  Still, you’ll find just as much or more talent and love for the music among folk musicians.  “Folk” is a broad music genre, and so the sounds, the instruments, and the musicians come from all over and provide all kinds of unique sounds you won’t find on any regular radio station in Philadelphia, PA.  So if you’re in the mood to hear something unique and authentic, you’ll be glad to know that all the following bands are currently on tour.

1. Adonis Puentes And The Voice of Cuba Orchestra

Adonis Puentes currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, but he originally came from Cuba.  With a sextet to back him up, Adonis brings the sounds of Cuba wherever he goes.

2. Andes Manta

Four brothers came to America from Ecuador and settled in Hudson Valley in New York.  Today they share the music of this mountainous nation with everyone who will listen.

3. Bill Kirchen

Called the Titan of the Telecaster (an old-fashioned Fender guitar), Bill Kirchen hails from Austin, Texas.  On his sets, Bill highlights some of the best music and sounds produced during the last 50 years of rock ‘n roll.

4. Cora Harvey Armstrong

Just like classic vocalists like Aretha Franklin and Shirley Caesar, Cora and her sisters bring old-fashioned gospel music to life wherever they play.  Their family comes from Richmond, Virginia, and gospel singing has been a family tradition for many years.

5. Danny Paisley And The Southern Grass

Bluegrass music has its roots in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Appalachians, but its influences and its musicians come from all over these days.  Danny and his band come from the old Northern states of Delaware and Pennsylvania, but they can play bluegrass as well as any Kentucky native.

6. Eddie Cotton, Jr.

Rock n’ roll is rooted in the emotional music of soul and blues, and Eddie Cotton, Jr. is a master of both these older styles.  Coming out of Clinton, Mississippi, Eddie’s style originates from the church he attended as a child.

7. Kahulanui

The 1940s were a major decade for Hawaii for a variety of reasons, and one of them was the way big-band jazz planted its roots firmly in the islands’ volcanic soil.  Kahulanui brings Hawaiian-style swing and jazz to the rest of the United States.

8. Terry And The Zydeco Bad Boys

Zydeco combines rhythm and blues with the old French Creole music of southern Louisiana.  Terry and his band are rising stars of the genre and are bringing zydeco sounds to every corner of America.

All of these bands and more are out there right now, showcasing the melting pot of music you can only find in a place like the United States.  At the Multicultural Arts Exchange in Philadelphia, PA, we offer a venue for bands like these to perform their music for the people of our city.  So if you live in Philadelphia, PA or if you’re just visiting, be sure to check out who’s performing at the MAE.