The Benefits Of Exchanging Culture Through Performance

The Benefits Of Exchanging Culture Through Performance

We live in a world where our differences seem to be more definitive than our similarities. We constantly struggle to understand and connect in meaningful and enriching ways. Many of us want to change this, but we do not know-how. One incredible first step we can take is through the exchange of cultures through music, art, dance, and theater. At Multicultural Arts Exchange in Philadelphia, that is our primary mission. To help us connect with one another through performance arts. Here are some of the benefits of experiencing our program:


  1. Learn About Others


By providing a platform for people from all over the world to tell their cultural stories through performance, we are providing a forum where we can learn the true character of their heritage. We’ll learn about their history, family dynamics, and their values. This gives us a broader understanding of the world but also helps us find those commonalities we share with others.


  1. Prepare Yourself For A Globalizing World


With the new technologies in transportation and communication, the world has become increasingly more globalized. We now work, live, and interact with people from all over the globe and the more we understand them, the better equipped we will be to accept them. Learning about other cultures and customs helps you develop respect from them and encourages you to find connections with those that are different from you.


  1. Find New Perspectives


When you learn about other cultures, you learn there are many ways to approach life. Through this, we can gain a new perspective and understanding of the challenges we face on an individual level. What may seem set in stone to us, maybe a complete grey area for another? This fresh perspective can help empower you to take on challenges in your own life and forge new pathways.


  1. Cultural Exchange Is Inspiring


Every culture has expressed something truly awe-inspiring we may have never seen before. Whether it is the intricate beadwork on a traditional ceremonial outfit, the eye-catching rhythms of a celebration dance, or simply the unique storytelling of other people, there is always something new to experience. With these incredible, cultural expressions we get to be inspired in our own lives to make art, experience more of a culture, or simply explore our own in more depth.


  1. You’ll Have Fun


Other cultures have a lot to offer. The music, dance, theater, and poetry is really engaging. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll connect with the people on stage and in the audience. Enjoying a performance is a beautiful way to spend an evening and you’ll be glad you came.


If you’re ready to experience these incredible benefits and more, check out our events calendar. Our program at Multicultural Arts Exchange offers a range of different types of performances in venues across Philadelphia. You’ll be sure to find something you’ll truly enjoy