What Do Children Get Out Of Live Theater

What Do Children Get Out Of Live Theater

Whether it’s a play, a dance performance, or live music, kids get a lot more than you think out of experiencing a live performance in Philadelphia, PA. While many parents reserve kids’ only live performances for their little ones, there’s a ton of benefits that come along with bringing kids to appropriate live performances of all sorts. While these outings in Philadelphia, PA might make the perfect “parents’ night out” date night, they’re just as spectacular for the whole family.

Just as you look up and marvel at what is on the stage, imagine that same magic through the eyes of a child. The lights, the sounds, the special effects reserved for live theater alone, kids are left in a state of wonder that may be more impactful than you realize.

The Benefits Of Taking Children To Live Performances

Outlining the specific benefits of a child’s experience at the theater in Philadelphia, PA shows parents just how enriching experience this can be. Some of the specific benefits of taking children to live performances are:

  • Bettering cultural awareness – Little ones are a clean slate, and they have no biases, no prejudices, and their minds are ripe for learning. Bringing children to see live performances exposes them to a vast array of different cultures, stories, and more, bettering their cultural awareness and growing the seeds of curiosity in their minds. This brings them closer to the world around them and gets them excited to learn about the many different cultures existing in it.


  • Encourages empathy – Empathy is a skill that comes easily to young people, and it’s also one that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Taking children to experience live performances teaches them to empathize with the stories and the characters they see represented on stage, and builds this foundation of empathy they’ll use forever.


  • Exposes them to history in a fun way – We can’t know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been, but many kids are less than thrilled learning about history as it stands. Live performances of music, dance, and acting teach them historically rich stories that make this type of learning fun and engaging.


  • Teaches kids critical thinking skills – While watching a performance, particularly theater performances, kids will be thinking about the stories they see acted on the stage in front of them. When the performance is done, parents will likely start getting questions about this character, or this story, or this heroic effort. While parents answer these questions they might think they’re simple children’s inquiries, but what’s behind these questions is a whole lot more. Children are exercising their critical thinking skills while they process the performance; a skill that they’ll continue to use through life.


Performances For All Ages

While not every performance is suitable for little ones, there are many that are, and we always welcome all audiences to our performances. If you’re looking to enrich your little ones with bits of culture they’ll love, see what we have going on at Multicultural Arts Exchange today.