Experience Global Culture Without Getting On A Flight

Experience Global Culture Without Getting On A Flight

With global travel from the United States at something of a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic, experiencing global culture looks a little different these days to the people of Philadelphia, PA. Instead of getting those twinges of wanderlust and jetting off to fresh and new destinations, these feelings of yearning need to be satisfied in different ways. Luckily, Philadelphia, PA is connected all over the globe, allowing you a myriad of ways to experience the world from just a short drive away. 

Americans take an average of around 93 million international trips each year, residents of Philadelphia, PA included. During typical years, the international travel market is steadily increasing, with more and more young Americans seeking new experiences and new curiosities in all corners of the globe. These figures show that the passion is there, and these same adventurers are looking for new ways to experience culture even when they can’t seek it abroad. 

Ways To Have New Cultural Experiences Close By 

While we’re waiting to travel again, there are plenty of ways to have these fresh experiences without going too far. A few ways to have new cultural experiences locally are: 

  • Take in a live performance – Live performances tell stories and they immerse you into cultures from all over the world. You lose yourself in these moments and almost forget you’re only a car ride away from your home base. These performances could be plays, concerns, spoken words, or demonstrations celebrating any culture you’d like to learn more about. 

  • Visit a new authentic restaurant – Restaurants tell cultural stores throughout history, and you can learn a great deal sitting down to enjoy a single meal. The best part is these restauranteurs are delighted to tell their stories and to share their cultural flavors and experiences with anyone who wishes to try them. If you find you love a particular cuisine, that can tell you where your next trip will likely be!

  • Go to Instagram – Instagram is a global social media platform, and few things get our imaginations running quite like photos. Searching for a particular location on Instagram will show you tourist photos, local photos, art photography, food pictures, and so much more. You can feel as though you’ve traveled the world without ever leaving your bed or sofa. 

  • Open up a book – If you’re taking a particular interest in a particular part of the world, research a little about popular literature there and choose a book to immerse yourself in. These books often tell stories rich and treasured that place you right in the middle of these cultures you wish to experience. 

An Experience In Complete Cultural Immersion 

With music, dance, plays, poetry, and more, you have your ticket around the globe right in your backyard. Satisfying your wanderlust has never been simpler, even if you’re currently unable to travel to the places you’d most like to go to. If you’re interested in experiencing something fresh, new, and exciting, see what we have lined up at Multicultural Arts Exchange today.